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Spring Calving at J&E Farms

Erik Peterson’s ancestors broke ground near New Gottland in 1876 and the Petersons have been farming and raising livestock in the Smoky Valley ever since. President Grover Cleveland signed their paperwork for a quarter section of land as part of the Homestead Act in 1885 to finalize the deed … (Read more)

Svensk Hyllningsfest

In October of odd-numbered years, Lindsborg hosts a community festival called Hyllningsfest, where participants and onlookers alike wear the traditional Swedish folk costumes to celebrate the Swedish pioneers who settled the Smoky Valley in the 1860s. Enjoy the arts and crafts, Swedish food, music, and other special entertainment; stay at one of our many lodging options and see some of the area offerings over the weekend!

True Beeliever

Several years ago Eric Beckman developed a curiosity about bees. An opportunity through the Kansas Honey Producers Association gave him the start he needed for a sweet new hobby.