Sunshine and Fun at Lindsborg's Pool

Another sweet summer in the Smoky Valley has swimmers enjoying the Lindsborg Municipal Swimming Pool again, where all ages can gather for a cool time in the water.

Pool Manager Baylee Kampfe grew up in Lindsborg and now enjoys the chance to give back to her community by overseeing the lifeguards and helping youngsters learn to swim. “My favorite part about managing the pool here is all the high school students that I work with are very committed to being here,” she said.  “They are a great group of kids.”

Spring Calving at J&E Farms

Erik Peterson’s ancestors broke ground near New Gottland in 1876 and the Petersons have been farming and raising livestock in the Smoky Valley ever since. President Grover Cleveland signed their paperwork for a quarter section of land as part of the Homestead Act in 1885 to finalize the deed … (Read more)


It’s where kids will stand to watch parades, husbands will wait for wives to finish shopping and conversations between visitors and locals will link the past to present. When completed, a number of new metal benches from Dauer Welding and Machine will grace the downtown walks and other locations around Lindsborg with a place to rest and feel welcomed … (Read more)

Spring Showdown

Bethany College baseball fans were treated to perfect spring weather and a weekend showdown between two old KCAC rivals as the BC Swedes hosted the KWU Coyotes in Lindsborg … (Read more)

Road Test

An endurance test for cyclists on some gritty gravel roads around Lindsborg and McPherson County is being planned for Sunday, March 24 … (Read more)