The Miracle of Christmas

Four area pastors recently shared their thoughts and wonderment as they pondered the birth of Jesus and the story that enveloped the people around Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. Enjoy this video as all of us at Dala Town wish you a warm and wonderful Christmas!

Broom Country

The Swedish Crafts program at Bethany College has breathed new life into a lost art in Lindsborg: broom making. Area farmer Vince Rocco teamed up with Bethany to plant and harvest the broomcorn crop, helping students touch the past … (Read more)

Thankful for Friends

The aroma of hot soups and fresh breads greeted patrons at the door on a bone-chilling Saturday as Friends of the Lindsborg Library hosted the annual We Are Thankful meal. The event is a delicious way for the organization to thank the community and … (Read more)

Art of Kindness

Retired business owner Robert Johnson was just five years old when his widowed mother took a job at Bethany College, giving the youngster a chance to bond with one of Lindsborg's most famous residents. Johnson returns to the studio where Swedish artist … (Read more)

The Heights

Greg and BrookeAnna Peterson are newlyweds with a new dream, turning their farm (The Heights) just northwest of Lindsborg into a venue for hosting receptions and agricultural education. Greg, a founding member of the YouTube sensation Peterson Farm Bros … (Read more)

Roller Mill Awakens

The floors of the Old Mill will vibrate once more under the hum of machinery, awakened again for visitors to peek into the past. Huge leather belts weave through flywheels on a journey to the top … (Read more)